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Without A Village:

Pressure to Put Newborn First Leads Parents to Sacrifice Self-Care, Medical or Mental Health Care

Philips Avent offers support without judgement and a portfolio of adaptable products that help parents meet baby's developing needs without compromising.

A recent survey conducted by Philips Avent* found that 88% of parents agree they are a better parent when they prioritize self-care, but many don’t feel they have the time or mind space to do it with more than 2 in 5 parents feeling a great deal of pressure to prioritize their baby’s needs over their own.

Philips Avent offers support without judgment and a portfolio of adaptable products that meet baby's developing needs so parents can feel at ease when they designate time for self-care. No two experiences are the same, and Philips Avent is committed to supporting all parents as they navigate the path ahead.

Survey Key Findings:

  • Relegated to their new around-the-clock roles, more than 2 in 3 parents (70%) feel pressure to put their first child’s needs above their own.
  • Putting their child(ren) first means that many parents must sacrifice some element of their own self-care. In fact, 89% neglect their self-care to embrace their role as a parent.
  • This unrelenting pressure early on can bring an emotional cost for parents even years later, with nearly half of parents (47%) with children under 3 feeling selfish when they practice self-care, and 38% feel they are neglecting their children when they do so.
  • Parents with young kids are sacrificing most of the same self-care activities they know could make them better parents. They acknowledge that getting enough sleep (73%), eating healthy meals (57%), and physical exercise (53%) are beneficial to their roles as parents.
    • Not getting enough sleep is the biggest sacrifice (65%), followed by less time for hobbies (58%), and lack of physical exercise (53%). Half (51%) spend less time socializing with family and friends, and nearly a third (29%) give up journaling or reading.

*The Philips Avent Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research among 1,000 recent parents, defined as those with children under age 3, between May 12th and May 21st, 2023, using an email invitation and an online survey.